The Application Of Culture And Culture In Woolworths

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Executive Summery

This is a Report to show the clear idea about the culture in Woolworths demonstrating the application of culture and critical approaches. Culture is something which is very hard to explain but it is easy to gain when it slowly grow bigger into a society. Culture mainly includes; learning values which means attitude and dominant value, partaking of rites which means communal behaviour, modelling against heroes and understanding symbols such as; legends, uniform, myths etc.
These above ingredients of culture are gained from birth which means anyone is much influenced by their family, religion, school, and workplace and from friends. Culture mainly stands for supporting role for almost overall success of organization not only that but also it reflects in the outcomes of an organization such as, quality and productivity, obligation and performance. Organizational culture has always been a question for everyone on how the culture and power are associated to an organization.
The shared value systems of an organization member are the one who plays essential role in affecting the business activity and success of an organization in the competitive and global environment. I will present this report mainly focusing over the view of the culture and how culture and power are stressful in retail stores like Woolworths Limited. When we go to previous history of organization, this report tries to make us understand about the culture and power structure of Woolworths limited.

Culture is “a system of shared beliefs and values that develops within an organisation and guides the behaviour of its members” (Schermerhorn et al. 2011). It plays an important role in any organisation. For instance, in Woolworths we can se...

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...rd level and within its senior executive group by 2015. Representation of women in leadership roles across the company has remained constant over the last two financial years at 27%” (Woolworth 2013). This organisation also provides flexible working hours for women employees. Moreover women are equally rewarded and valued as men. Female workers in Woolworths are more hardworking and punctual at work in compare to male staff working there.

Finally what I would like to conclude is the basic link between competitive advantage and the ability to always deliver quality goods and services to the customer, the organisational culture include quality as a core value and emphasize the quality commitment in all aspects of and organisation and Woolworths endeavours to create work environment where every person can except to treat similarly with dignity and respect.

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