Essay on The Notebook : An Classic Love Story That So Many Other Chick Flicks

Essay on The Notebook : An Classic Love Story That So Many Other Chick Flicks

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The movie “The Notebook” can be considered the classic love story that so many other chick flicks try to replicate. The movie is more than just a love story it also provides an insight to health illnesses and the healthcare world. The important theme of this movie if it was applied to real life would cause a positive effect to the profession of nursing. Nursing students at Rochester College must achieve different levels of understandings related to the nursing practice theories and principles. Level one; which evaluates outcomes and competences, will be used to reflect “The Notebook”.
The theme of “The Notebook” is very touching. The main character’s Allie and Noah have an unconditional love for one another. In the beginning of the film Allie and Noah argued a lot with each but the love was still there. Allie had a wealthy up bringing with wealthy parents; which is the total opposite of Noah. Allie’s parents were against their relationship because of their financial differences. He parents did anything in their power to keep them apart. Allie’s parents manage to cause a break up between them but in the end they wound up being with each other.
As Noah and Allie grow older, their health state began to decline. Due to health issues they both lived in a nursing home. Noah suffered with cardiac problems and had multiple heart attacks. Allie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Allie was not able to recognize anyone including her children. Noah is able to break that pattern by reading to Allie about the timeline of their relationship. Somehow their love for one another is able to overcome Allie’s disease at times; which is something that their physician cannot understand. In the end their love for one another is absolute.
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...ything is possible. There are somethings that of course cannot be controlled like being in a car accident. These misfortunate obstacles are something that god wanted one to experience weather its good or bad.
Having an attitude, value, and belief as the author will cause a lack of empathy for other individual’s problems. A specific event that challenge all three of the authors behaviors and thoughts was when a patient came into a medical office and was diagnosed with COPD. This patient continued to smoke even after this diagnosis. This situation was a challenge since the author lacked the trait of empathy because of personal values and beliefs. Life is a challenge and people deal with it in their own ways. The author had to put aside personal beliefs to truly care and help the patient while at the same time promoting the patient to try change their smoking habits.

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