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New Styles of Instruction Essay

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1. What new forms of instruction are emerging in K-12 classrooms?

A current trend in education appears to be the integration of technology for instructional purposes. One such technological advancement is the inclusion of the iPod Touch in the classroom. This technology hosts a vast array of applications in diverse subject areas that can be used across grade levels. There are many ways in which the iPod Touch can be integrated to customize the learning experience for all (Banister, 2010).

Laptop computers are also being used more in the classroom. Educators are not merely using laptops as a means to plan and deliver instruction, rather as tools for authentic learning where students use the computers during lessons (Kemker, Barron & Harmes, 2007). There are several web-based programs, such as Education City, Study Island, and Compass Learning, to promote achievement in diverse disciplines.

2. What do we know about what makes good instruction?

Good instruction includes identifying the relevance of the material being learned. This helps students understand the need for the information and become more motivated in the process. Instruction should be student-centered and include incorporating meaningful activities that are relevant in the real world (Kemker et al., 2007).

Another effective instructional practice is differentiating. This method affords the opportunity to modify instruction, activities, and projects based on a host of factors. Some elements to be considered include student needs, multiple intelligences, and preferred learning styles. Using this approach to instruction fosters the implementation of higher-order thinking skills (Bailey & Williams-Black, 2008).

An additional component of effective teach...

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