The Need for the HPV Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer in Uganda Essay

The Need for the HPV Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer in Uganda Essay

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Uganda has one of the world’s highest cervical cancer rates, with an age- standardized rate of 40.7 cases per 100,000 young women. Most of these women living with HPV have never heard of cervical cancer before. The introduction to the HPV vaccine, in regions of low- income, presents an opportunity to prevent approximately 70% of cervical cancer cases (7:24). While faced with countless constraints, Uganda has opportunities that could enhance the introduction of universal routine HPV vaccinations of young adolescent girls (7:24). Uganda fulfills almost all of the criteria set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the introduction of routine HPV vaccinations. In regions where cervical cancer screening programs are not successfully implemented, such as Uganda, the introduction to HPV vaccinations may provide a critical opportunity for the prevention of cervical cancer.
The prevalence of cervical cancer in Uganda is very frequent, along with immune suppression caused by HIV infection. Women infected with HIV are at a significantly increased risk for HPV. Essential information about HPV is lacking in Uganda, such as the burden of the infection, age at first infection and distribution of different HPV types (197:555-62). The only previous information on the virus prevalence in Uganda dates back to 1996-1997 (197:555-62). Due to this lack of vital information, the Naugru Teenage Information and Health Centre, located in a suburb of Uganda, between September 2002 and November 2004 conducted a study on the prevalence of HPV infection among sexually active young women in Uganda (197:555-62). Sexually active women aged less than 25 were eligible for the study. 1,275 women with an average age of 20 were interviewed and under...

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... of Parliament, wrote in an op-ed on International Women’s Day 2008, “Every woman in the world has the right to prevention. Given the tools that are available, even one cervical cancer death is too many (PATH). Uganda officials and educators are aware of the position they are currently struggling with. The introduction to vaccines is a constant battle in developing countries. As compared to the United States, we have established an organized vaccine distribution system and have been preventing these horrible diseases for many years. To furthermore prevent such diseases, it is our responsibly as educated citizens to spread our knowledge to less educated citizens of the developing countries. It is also critical for the Uganda National Drug Authority to include local leaders as well as international leaders so together we can conquer cervical cancer globally.

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