HPV Vaccination Controversy

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HPV vaccinations have been involved in some heated debates involving the general public and the government for some time now; whether the vaccine is worth being administered to young girls is the underlying question and if so at what cost. In the articles “HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny” and “The HPV Debate” both authors Mike Adams and Arthur Allen provide enlightening information on why the HPV vaccinations should not be mandated through legislation, Adams conveys his bias and explains how the government is over stepping its boundaries when it comes to the publics’ health while Allen on the other hand, is more opt to present analytical data on previous cases similar to the one he is currently facing.
Tone and diction play a major role in Adams article and the overall efficacy of his writing, his bias against the government and big pharmaceutical companies involving health mandates clearly shows and isn’t hidden, his spiel on the HPV vaccine is filled with satire and personal commentary, “The sick care industry is a for-profit industry, and the more people drug companies can target as being sick today-or even possibly someday being sick at some future date “justifies” treatment right now-the more money they can sock away in the bank.” () Adams utilizes a cartoon to convey to the reader his views of both the parties he claims are in cahoots with one another to endorse the vaccine to gain profit. The title of one of the excerpts in his article is “We must stop the medical tyranny” his placement of the word tyranny is another example of his outlook toward the government, that he acknowledges has plunged itself into a more dictatorship rule that is oppressing the public. Adam’s article seemed more of a political outcry of his own perso...

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...the CDC and expert testimonies on the Hepatitis B case.
Even though both writers differed in how they presented their information, each is similar involving information in certain aspects of their case. Adams and Allen are inherently against the HPV Vaccine and both agree that the vaccine if mandated should be free to the public or those who cannot afford the vaccination. The big pharmaceutical company, Merck is mentioned in both articles as being tied to the implementation of the vaccine. Lastly, Adams and Allen generally care about the publics’ best interest.

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