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Global Policy Issue: Childhood Vaccinations Summary The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed immunizations as the number one greatest public health achievement in the 20th century. This attainment towards the goal of health and safety is a huge success for not only our country but from the global perspective as well. Immunizations help to prevent illness and death from vaccine-preventable diseases. The World Health Organization states that global vaccination coverage has remained consistent for the past few years; for example, the percentage of infants fully vaccinated against diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis has held secure at 83%. Programs for population-wide vaccinations have helped with the annihilation of polio in America since the late 1970’s, the eradication of smallpox, and the control of numerous other infectious diseases in the United States and other parts of the world. Problem Despite such documented success we are still witnessing the deadly impact of vaccine preventable diseases. Millions of preventable cases of disease and death are still occurring in low and middle-income countries where disease burdens are often the highest. The time lag in the introduction of new vaccines between high-income and low-income countries has been a major issue. Some vaccines are introduced in high-income countries a full year before they are introduced to low-income countries where disease burdens are rapidly growing. Solution The Global Vaccine Action Plan is a framework approved by the World Health Assembly. This action plan is the product of the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration. The main focus of this framework is to deliver universal access to immunization by the year 2020 regardless of where the person is born, w... ... middle of paper ... ...eeds and constraints. Research and development is underway to provide non-syringe delivery mechanisms and thermostable vaccines that will make the vaccines less expensive, more effective and much easier for the manufacturer to deliver. Research will help in achieving the understanding of the adverse effects from vaccines and the ways to avoid them without compromising the product. Safety concerns have shown to cause hesitancy in the use of vaccination. It is important to ensure that everyone receives the safest vaccines. In view of this the Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint “represents an attempt to leverage international commitment and to set out a framework for coordinated action that will raise the level and accuracy of vaccine safety monitoring globally” (Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint, 2012). This blueprint will help monitor and assure the safe use of vaccines.

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