My Struggle with Writing Drafts Essays

My Struggle with Writing Drafts Essays

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Writing drafts is something I struggle with every time I have to do an essay. It takes me over two hours to finish an introduction. Once done with the introduction the body of the essay easy until I get to the conclusion, which is when my struggle to complete the draft returns. I believe the introduction of a draft is one of the most difficult parts for me of writing a draft because it is hard to come up with ideas for the introduction. Then the conclusion is hard because I have to find a way to restate what took me so long to come up with for the introduction. Ultimately, I will be able to complete a draft without difficulty for if I do them step by step and by write down my ideas and information before beginning anything and not to do it all at once, or by doing the body of the essay before the introduction.
I think that writing down my ideas before beginning an essay is very helpful. I can see this in the unit 3 essay. Before the class began to write their first draft, we had to do an annotated bibliography, where I wrote lots of the information I was going to use for my...

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