My Plans as They Relate to My Educational and Career Objectives and Future Goals

My Plans as They Relate to My Educational and Career Objectives and Future Goals

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As a seventh grade student, I took a science course because it was required. At first I was scared about how well I would do and if I would get a good grade throughout the year. When the school year started, I met my teacher and he seemed really nice and he turned out to be an awesome teacher. I excelled in my science seven class and overthrew my fear of getting poor grades. My seventh grade year was the year I determined what I wanted to go to college for and that would be life science education. As I moved up the scale throughout high school I became a better student, a better athlete, and a better leader. I had the support of my family, my teachers and my friends. This helped me achieve the major goals I had set out for myself.
My grandparents never went to college because they had to help out around the farms of which they lived on and could not afford to go to college. College could have helped them get ahead of the world; they could have been more than just a farmer and a farmer’s wife. Although they did not have a college degree, they still wanted their children to go to col...

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