Essay on My Interest On Psychology Course

Essay on My Interest On Psychology Course

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My interest in psychology began when I took an Introduction to Psychology course during my freshmen year of college. The course introduced me to many concepts, such as human development, psychological disorders, and human behavior. I quickly discovered that understanding these psychological concepts would not only help me pursue a career in psychology, but also a career in many other fields. Through my experiences as an undergraduate psychology student I have gained an important understanding of research and how to use research to help other people.
Academic Accomplishments
Throughout my undergraduate study of psychology, I selected challenging classes that were research oriented, in order to develop the skills needed for future careers in psychology. In my Research Methods class I developed and implemented an experiment studying the effectiveness of certain coping devices for stress, and identified the devices that seemed to have been more effective in helping students overcome stress. The experiment taught me how to multi-task and developed my time management skills, because I was balancing my heavy coursework and doing the experiment at the same time. I was also a Psi Chi officer and helped organize various service projects at our local hospital. Even when I was participating in research, volunteering at our local hospital, keeping up with my busy classes, and fulfilling the duties as a Psi Chi officer, I was able to keep a high GPA and maintain my academic scholarship, thus showing my willingness to work and my motivation to learn.
Research Experience
I spent two trimesters as a research assistant for one of my psychology professors, studying the psychological and physiological effects that occur in bed-rest patients in hos...

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...nistrators offer “macro care” because they care for the entire hospital. Both hospital administration and clinical psychology would fulfill my original goal of helping people overcome psychological disorders thereby improving physiological conditions. It would all depend on the type of approach necessary to help the patient.
My internship, volunteer experience, applied research, and coursework have helped me develop the skills necessary to be successful in psychology. I have gained an appreciation of research and its power in influencing psychological thought and its ability to help other people. I understand the importance of helping people, and have a desire to help individuals over come psychological disorders to improve physiological conditions. I know that this program can help me achieve my goals, and can also further my experience in clinical psychology.

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