Psychology Reflection

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Throughout this course I have learned a lot about psychology. I will talk about how it affected me personally, socially, organizationally/societal, and the lasting impact it had in my life. 1. Personally, this course has helped me to better understand myself in a variety of ways. For instance, I have learned that there are three different types of behaviors: Type A (hostility, competitiveness), Type B (patience, cooperativeness), and Type D (distressed). Out of the three that are mentioned, I am Type A behavior; which according to Feldman (2015), “is a cluster of behaviors involving hostility, competitiveness, time urgency, and feeling driven.” Although most people usually are between Type A and Type B behavior, I believe that I lean more…show more content…
I was able to assist my dad while he was going through a rough time with my mom. My dad knows who psychologists are, but being able to explain the significance of psychology and encouraging him to see one made me happy. It not only helped him recover with his personal issues, but also helped him understand what my mom is going through. In addition, this topic has impacted me for future use, not only for myself, but for others I can share this knowledge with. The importance of psychology, coping with stress, or knowing what the different types of psychologists can all be applied to my career towards junior personnel, through educating them, or the application of my everyday life, and benefiting my outlook.
I think psychology is an important subject that should be mandatory in high school. It teaches people to look deep within them, as well as to understand the reasons why someone might act a certain way. It gives the individual a perspective and how to look at situations from a different point of view. At least, high school students should take a class on psychology of personal effectiveness in order to learn about self-awareness and interpersonal relations that are essential in the real
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