My Inspiration : My Grandfather and My Father Essay

My Inspiration : My Grandfather and My Father Essay

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My grandfather initiated the concept of obtaining an education in my father’s life. My grandfather established and ran a school for forty years in his town. Not only did locals attend, but the school brought together students from surrounding villages. My grandfather then supported my father through college and then university in the US. My grandfather and father educated many students and are my inspiration. After completing an undergraduate degree, my goal is to move on to a doctorate degree. There’s so much to learn and I want to be able to absorb it all. For me, absorbing everything and anything I can isn’t the end of my path. In addition I want to be able to spread what I know and educate others to benefit from knowledge.
Two things are very important to me, the environment and health. Earth is the only place in the universe that can accommodate to our necessities. It is important that we understand the benefits our environment has on our lives. But, it’s also just as important for us to recognize the harm we are causing our environment. I want to be able to distinguish the positive and negative factors between our environment and humans in our everyday lives. For example, pollution and abuse of our Earths natural resources affects human lives and most significantly the conditions future generations must endure. In addition to the environment, I want to be able to focus on woman because their health also determines the conditions of future generations. A solid connection must be established between these two an effective solution must be implemented. Of course, realistically I won’t be able to do conduct research on the matters and create a bullet-proof solution. But, research has to start somewhere and I want to able to f...

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...l in Doha, Qatar I was involved in many activities. I also felt it was important to contribute to the community. I volunteered at parent teacher conferences held at the school and the Terry Fox Run and Holiday Bazaar held at the College of the North Atlantic. In addition to my internship and successfully planning a youth forum, I was part of the Graduation Committee and Student Council. I also branched from the student council and opposition, The New Voice. I felt that student council hadn’t put their hearts into reforms the students wanted and took upon the initiative. I’ve also received Academic Honors and Academic Achievement awards and an Acts of Kindness award for contributing to our schools participating in Peaceful Schools International. My main focus while attending school is to obtain extensive and beneficial skills that can contribute to future success.

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