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My interest in public health is rooted in the experiences I had growing up. A cousin of mine passed on because of cerebral malaria and my grandfather died of smoking-induced cancer. My uncle developed alcoholic liver disease and a close teenage friend became pregnant. Unknowingly, I was personally experiencing some of the central topics of public health research and each of these events continued to resonate throughout my life. The pursuit of jubilation lies in culling a rightful and consequential vocation. The path for the public health is a culmination of my experiences with the society and personal life where crushing poverty prevails. I was born and bred in the southern part of India, a place with tropical climate where people suffer from one disease or the other that are highly preventable. Since I was a child, I used to ponder over the solution to these problems. These hassles touched off and supported my dreams of turning into a physician. I grew up in the environment that promotes education. I have been inspired by my kith and kin who are doctors with advanced degrees. It is in my upbringing to set high goals and achieve those goals through hard work. I studied medicine because I wanted to be in profession of protecting lives. I would like to study public health because I think it is very important. Being a doctor I can see the importance of public health. As a physician, I can treat one patient at a time, but preventive policies and actions by public health can save entire communities from outbreaks. Public health plays a central role in containing and eventually controlling such diseases through public education. Public Health brings together advances in Science, Medicine and Public policy. I realize that public health... ... middle of paper ... ... and TOEFL scores required for carrying out my dream study. I am concerned that all my endeavors for public health study head off in vain. In my perspective, American Public health is the best. I wanted to practice the procedures and policies to protect people from lung cancer, alcoholic liver diseases, end stage renal failure and other diseases through public education, preventive vaccinations and healthy environments free of pathogens. While I expect self-growth from participating in this course, I believe that my experiences will assist in other course participants as well. I believe I will be able to gain insight on the importance of providing valid and reliable means of measuring health indicators and outcomes towards the goal of improving health care for all through comprehensive yet efficient prevention and education programs targeting at risk communities.

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