My Ideal Job Would Be A Social Media Specialist Essay

My Ideal Job Would Be A Social Media Specialist Essay

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My ideal job would be a Social Media Specialist. The reason being, I enjoy posting on Social Media and watching it evolve into a major marketing tool. Social Media has grown over the past few years to where Businesses can make it big by using Social Media. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and now SnapChat have opened a whole new universe for Marketing, bringing in something totally new. The things you can do with it and network with it, and show videos at a click of a button, instead of only being seen on television on a certain channel. Then also watching the trends on and everyone flowing to this certain thing, marketing is about keeping up with what is popular, but also taking risks in the creative world and seeing what could be the next popular trend.
What Social Media Specialist do, is they communicate with the public, by posting content on Social Media sites that the viewers want to see and intrigue viewers to click and check your product out. They also communicate through comments and acknowledge the positive comments, but also reply to the negative ones and try to i...

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