My Goals For College Students Essay

My Goals For College Students Essay

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My goals in college are to get involved with student government, play lacrosse graduate in the top of my class all my life of being in school I was always active not just a regular student. Whether it was SGA or sports or volunteer work I was a part of it; all years of school levels I have graduated with honors and I do not want to see anything different now while I am in college. As we all know college is not a walk in the park and I am well aware of that. I have to really be on my game to accomplish my goal of graduating with honors. I am already on the way of my goal, I have already completed 3 business courses and am now on the process of taking one now. I have taken business law, introduction of business, and industrial business; I did not take them at Towson however they still transferred over as business courses. I hope to excel in my current business and marketing 317 course. It is just the beginning but I like the class already because I love to write. Although, these may seem not seem like goals to others but they are my short term goals and no matter the obstacles ...

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