My Career Goals Of College Education

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Getting a job is probably the most worrisome matter for college seniors. Nowadays most students deem college education as an investment that can eventually bring profits in the long run in terms of a financially successful career. To this end, a great number of students major in the most lucrative majors, which are not their actual interests. Luckily, I am able to dive into the field I love in college, and it blends with my career goal perfectly. I like teaching and conducting research, so I hope to become a psychology professor at a research university some day. One of the options in achieving my career goal is to go to graduate school after graduation. I have been interested in psychology since I was in middle school. At that time, …show more content…

Born and raised in China, I am familiar with the Chinese culture, economy, and education system. The quagmire of unequal education opportunities in rural and urban China has gotten worse. Having the privilege of accessing quality education, I understand that education might be a turning point for one’s life. Since I love working with children, I am hoping to contribute my knowledge and spark their interests in learning. At the same time, I will be learning from the children through their perspectives. Though, two years of living and teaching in an impoverished area can be a huge challenge for inexperienced college graduates, it is a chance for growth and gain. Teach for China will help me build leadership and teaching skills that I need in order to become a competitive job candidate. Hopefully, with the vast experience amassed from the fellowship, I will be successful where I …show more content…

But that does not mean going to graduate school conflict with joining Teach for China. In fact, being a Teach for China fellow after college graduation increases the likelihood of getting into graduate school. Admittedly, one of the cons of graduate school is the length of a program can be five years or even longer. It is also notable that the academic specialization in graduate school is narrowly focused within the discipline. Therefore, one must go through some serious considerations before devoting oneself to an academic

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  • Explains that college education is an investment that can eventually bring profits in the long run in terms of a financially successful career.
  • Opines that graduate school will satisfy their intellectual curiosity, deepen their knowledge of cognitive psychology, and advance their ability to excel in their future career.
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