A Non-Traditional College Student

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The fatal metaphor of progress, which means leaving things behind us, has utterly obscured the real idea of growth, which means leaving things inside us. ~Gilbert K. Chesterton. I returned to college to better my life, but with progress comes change and with change you have to be sure not to lose who you are. I am a non-traditional student with a very busy schedule that returned to school after working as a General Manager of a large Tax Corporation for 10 years. I returned to college with great expectations and ideals. I never imagined the changes and personal growth that would take place in me as I progressed through my college career. Being in college has made me a more goal driven and prepared individual, as well as improve my time management skills.
Being goal driven means having the passion, will, and drive to see an expectation or ideal of or for yourself through to the end. This describes who I have become, a goal driven individual. As long as I can remember I have always had the drive to attempt many things, but I didn’t always feel like I had to actually complete any challenge placed in front of me. As a child I entered a contest to win a CD player in school; all I had to do was sell the most candy bars. I pulled almost any cute ploy I could think of on my family and friends just to sell a candy bars and won my CD player. I had the will to succeed, however if someone said no I would stop and move on to the next target.
When it comes to being goal driven, college has not changed me a whole lot in that aspect; instead it has fueled that part of me. Being a non-traditional college student has laid many challenges in front of me that has incited my goal driven nature and made me more determined than ever before. Now if ...

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...ather than being the annoying borrower. This preparedness has spread too many aspects of my life. It has caused me to think ahead of situations and predict what I may need before entering a scenario. Since beginning college, I have become a much more proactive and prepared individual.
As you can see, I entered college an unprepared, semi goal driven individual with not so great time management skills. My college experience provoked a metamorphosis over the course of the last two years that has made a sizable difference in the way I handle tasks. I am no longer the person that shows up unprepared, unorganized with only the will to succeed. I now show up ready to go, fully organized with an iron willed drive to be the best. While college has incited my goal driven attributes, it has also inspired me to considerably improve my organization and time management skills.

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