Murphy Goode Winery Campaign Analysis Essay

Murphy Goode Winery Campaign Analysis Essay

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Background: According to the company’s website,
Tim Murphy, Dale Goode and Dave Ready founded Murphy Goode Winery in 1985 in Healdsburg, California. The first varietals released onto the market were Fume Blanc and Chardonnay from Murphy Ranch and Murphy-Goode Vineyard in Sonoma County. David Ready, Jr. was named winemaker in 2001.The vineyard has since then expanded its offerings to Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Claret, Zinfandel and Red Blends.
According to Cyril Penn, Jackson Family Wines bought out Murphy Goode in 2006.

Situation Analysis: Murphy Goode faced a “brand awareness” issue in the era of an emerging generation fluent in the language of technology, according to an article published in the Public Relations Society of America. It wanted to position itself as a lively, lighthearted and charismatic entity while attracting a new target audience, millennials, according to PRSA.
In 2009, Murphy Goode, a relatively high-end label in the wine industry, felt the bitter character of the recession and according to PRSA, “suffered from inadequate distribution.” In an article published in the Tribune describing the effects of the recession on wine, Stephen Rannekleiv, ‎executive director of Food and Agribusiness Research at Rabobank said “sales dropped off a cliff this year [2009], with sales of bottles costing $25 or more of wine dropping 30 percent.” By 2009, pop culture embraced the ideals of an emerging social media reality. Murphy Goode desired to tap into the trend by integrating social media in a campaign titled “A Really Goode Job.” The target audience was also particularly affected by the lagging economy, according to PRSA. According to Pew Research, millennials “have been the ha...

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...election process. If it decided to gauge feedback from viewers by inviting them to cast votes on the video applications, those votes should have been a deciding factor in selecting the Final 50. In doing so, the company communicates the message that it values the opinion of the public. A simple strategy would be to allow the public to decide the Final 50 by collecting votes on their website. The winery would then decide the final contestant out of the pool. Each winery has a specific culture that is essential to communicating with its publics. While it is important for a company to have a brand ambassador that understands the nature of the business, its shareholders, followers and potential consumers should feel valued. In contrast, if the finalists were solely determined by the winery itself, I would advise not to ask the public to vote on videos.

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