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  • History Of The Blog

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    The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives. Most such writers called themselves diarists, journalists, or journalers. A few called themselves "escribitionists". The Open Pages webring included members of the online-journal community. Justin Hall, who began eleven years of personal blogging in 1994 while a student at Swarthmore College, is generally recognized as one of the earliest bloggers,[5] as is Jerry Pournelle.[citation needed]

  • MUST Blog

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    suck. In fact, if I could get away with it, I wouldn’t blog at all. Sadly, authors MUST blog. Part of building a solid base of readers is connecting. Thanks to the Internet, readers can now know their favorite authors. They can engage with them. They want this. They love this. If we don’t give it to them, we risk losing their interest. Blogging allows authors to give readers this connection. However, it’s a tricky tightrope we walk. If we blog about personal lives, well that’s just boring. (Unless

  • The Internet and Blogs

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    collaborate with others. Blogging has become increasingly popular. Today, a blog is considered to be a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual or company (Quinstreet Enterprise, 2014). Blog's give people the opportunity to write content that is unique to them and their practice. This allows them to communicate and collaborate with others all over the world freely and quickly. Blogs also give people the freedom to share their ideas and thoughts with other people

  • The Function of Blogs

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    Function of Blogs There are so many things one could do with the relatively new medium of blogs. They can be almost anything a person wants: a journal, a compilement of links, a scrapbook of information, or even a discussion board. The only definition I've seen that can encompass it is that they are postings in reverse chronological order. Blogs are the newest Internet craze, but do they serve a purpose? Early on, experienced web users, who knew web-programming language, kept blogs to keep track

  • Profitable Blog Topics

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    Profitable Blog Topic Idea: How to Blog and Generate Profitable Blog Topic Ideas. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a truly a professional blog writer. It will teach you how to choose the most important aspect of your blog, which is the blog’s theme or topic! Here is an inescapable fact: you will need to know how to choose the proper topic for your blog if you want to get enough followers for it to become profitable in the future. Most blog writers begin their blogs because

  • Guest Blog Credibility

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    Your blog content isn’t the only way to maximize your online presence. You can boost your exposure is to get your name and/or brand out there through guest blogging. You will reach out to a new audience, gain credibility, build relationships, and get more followers across social media networks. Guest blogging is a time-consuming, but well worth the time it takes when you’re building your company’s brand or your individual brand. Here are five of the benefits you will get from guest blogging. Credibility

  • Ubiquitous Food Blogs

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    short. A fork is whisking away that syrup-drenched waffle corner as the rest of the waffles await consumption below. The image is nothing short of breathtaking, and it is the work of the author of the Always with Butter food blog. Always with Butter is one of thousands of food blogs found on the internet, but what sets it apart from the others is the photography. Always with Butter has found a specialty in food blogging that makes it unique. Food blogging is a somewhat new realm of the so-called blogosphere

  • Blogs as Collaborative Writing Tools

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    Blogs as Collaborative Writing Tools Blogs are widely embraced as a tool that has revolutionized publishing on the web. It’s easy and it’s fun to keep a blog, two elements that are always attractive. I like blogs, but what I’m going to write about in this essay is a way in which I think blogs don’t work; or, at least, a way in which blogs didn’t work in my teaching in the way I tried to allow it to happen. Just to telegraph my points clearly: First, and I only want to touch on this point briefly

  • Blogs and Attention Seeking Bloggers

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    Blogs and Attention Seeking Bloggers Web logs are one of the newest things popping up on the Internet. “What is a web log?” one may ask. Well, a web log, otherwise known as blog, is a place on the web where a person can go to write down anything that they feel like writing in an archive that they have created. It’s a personal site almost like a diary, but it’s posted where anybody can gain access. Wondering why somebody would want to put their lives online made me think that bloggers are just

  • Potential Impact of Blogs on Communication

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    The Potential Impact of Blogs on Communication The advent of weblogs as instruments of Web-based conversation shall surely increase the exchange of news-related and academic information; probably not to the extent that books or newspapers have, but certainly in an open and accessible way. Gradually as they gain in popularity, blogs shall transform the field of journalism from one of complacent reporting to a more competitive and less elitist industry. Motivated individuals, with the use of their

  • Style Analysis of Blog Writings

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    Style Analysis of Blog Writings What is “style” in writing? After reading Strunk and White’s The elements of Style and Joseph William’s Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, I have come to understand what style is: I always thought of “style” as being your own, but through these books I learned that that’s not entirely true. “Style” is a mixture of many things and individualism only being one part, but for me the most important. Style is a way of writing clear, cohesive, grammatically correct and true

  • Importance of Blogs and Online Journalism

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    alike. It is, however, difficult to concretely define as it is continually evolving (Socha & Eber-Schmid, 2012). New media encompasses digital-based content that is readily available at any time. Examples include the Internet, social media networks, blogs, mobile phones and video games (Wikimedia Foundation Inc., 2013). New media has increasingly been used since the mid-1990s to disseminate information, resulting in a media revolution. As more and more individuals gain first-hand access to information

  • Is your blog is a party venue for everyone?

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    writers and reader on the blogs .What makes an unforgettable gathering? Fun and fun and only fun!. Everyone remembers a very well organized party where they get full enjoyment. Don't you think same when you read a nice blog, yes it is true .Whenever you land on a nice blog, and you just say wow? Thus blogging is a party like thing. You enjoy and you lost with the content. A magic blog attracts everyone. The reasons why I see blog as a party? Every blog is for everyone. The blog environment is open for

  • Natalie Munroe's Blog and Freedom of Speech

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    Pennsylvania teacher, Natalie Munroe engages a vast of stress and abuse from her students when she taught at Central Bucks East High School. Munroe posted a blog on the internet in which she addressed the problems about her students, the parents, and even the school administrators. Eventually, East High School suspended Munroe from her job over the blog. Many people believe that she is not criticizing about all her students, however, all her criticisms are geared towards the disrespectful adolescents who

  • Reflective Essay: Here For The Food Blog

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    The food blog, Here For the Food, that I have created has allowed me to share my passion and love for food to others. Topics that I decide to share on my blog can inspire readers to learn and enjoy the variety of cuisines the world have to offer them. To gain the trust of the readers, I must build a professional platform and develop my credibility. Visuals are also very important as seeing the food is an important factor in how the experience with the food is. By creating that trust with the readers

  • A Genre Analysis of Graduate-Level Reading Response Blogs

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    Introduction As a community, academics are increasingly accepting the use of public, online, journal style writings known as weblogs (blogs) as a valid pedagogy for the classroom. The attraction of using blogs within a classroom setting stems mainly from the discursive possibilities that the new technology offers: namely, that blogs allow for a discussion of nearly any topic in a socially moderated medium that encourages participants to compare, expand upon, and modify their understanding of that

  • Blogs - Power of Bloggers and the Magnitude of the Blogosphere

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    The Power of Bloggers and the Magnitude of the Blogosphere What is a blog? Blog is a web-based writing space, an online journal, a virtual forum; it's self-maintained web page that provide a list of links to other web sites along with comments and critics about the links; it's a site containing chronologically ordered information, both personal and impersonal. It's something new - something that will change the way we write just like the way the invention of paper and printing press have influenced

  • An Analysis of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

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    Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is a “musical tragicomedy” (Wikipedia) directed by Joss Whedon in 2008 during the Writers Guild of America strike. It was originally released as a web series with three 14 minute episodes. The film centers on Dr. Horrible, a super villain with “a PhD in horribleness” (Whedon) who desires to get into the exclusive Evil League of Evil commanded by Bad Horse and alleviate the “misery of the human condition” (Wikipedia). At the same time he is striving to win the affections

  • Fashion Blogging In The Fashion Industry

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    Thevenot has stated that, “blogging has become one of the most popular social media and networking tools.” Although there are many blog styles, I am concerned with looking at blogs specifically within the fashion industry, and how high-end fashion designers and reputable brands are turning to social media channels to not only inform, but also increase their consumer base through brand exposure. Newly emerging as this visual industry’s most trusted influencers, fashion bloggers provide for a means

  • Genderlect

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    conversation that goes on with two women or even a woman and a man, you will notice that the woman will “maintain eye contact, nod her head, and respond in some way” (402). Money Wise Women, is a blog that is created by women for women that contains money management information. The introduction of this blog starts off by telling a story of the author’s pers... ... middle of paper ... ...h bilingual education or not. He wants to show his powerful views in his writing which he gains status from.