Muhammad, By Driss Chraibi A Distinct Modern North African Novelist And Journalist

Muhammad, By Driss Chraibi A Distinct Modern North African Novelist And Journalist

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Muhammad is a novel written by Driss Chraibi a distinct modern North African novelist and journalist. The novel is simply not about the Prophet Muhammad, but a novel about a man from Mecca named Muhammad who later became the prophet of the great religion of Islam. In this novel the author did not tent to apply the deification of Muhammad, but rather explained the human part of him, which was indeed as great as a human being could ever be. Also, this novel is not intended to discuss the life of Muhammad from a historical point, but a novel further explains the characters of Mohammad. Yet, the author emphasized that this book is not biography of the Prophet on a traditional religious account. Thus, the book is not a historical work, but the author did not take divine and mystic part away from the story, it shows them in a different way other than the traditional one. After reading the book we understand that it is a mystical novel as it’s easily understandable from the tone and rhetoric repeatedly used in the book.
In this book the author tried to give a different other than traditional perception of how the Prophet Mohammad went through his inspiration process and became the Prophet. Traditionally it was believed that the Prophet Mohammad was inspired by the Gabriel. The overall process of inspiration is pretty much integrated as: angel Gabriel approached Muhammad claiming that he was the chosen one, and not few seconds after that Muhammad was sitting before Gabriel listening to and reciting God 's massage. On the other hand, in a historical sense, if we take the religious part out of it, the composition will be about how Muhammad was as a great man, a reformer, a self-made man who accomplished amazing things – like what I have go...

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... passing down of their future generations. And this is implying the infinite possibility of the continuing of lives. Despite pointing out the new birth waiting ahead for Muhammad, the images in Muhammad’s mental traveling also correspond to the paragraphs about the problem of mortality, the problem of death. In page 70 the question “Why are [our] children being killed?” was asked and the answer given was “Why don’t they answer themselves? Their destiny was always in their hands” (70). This suggests that all the images of death that Muhammad seen in his mental travel can be avoid because there is infinite possibility within lives as long as people are willing to try. Being pregnant when aged, or being pregnant when still a virgin, and the abandoned lives will find shelter somewhere else – Chraibi is trying to claim that there are all these possibilities within lives.

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