A Reflection Paper On Jesus In Islam

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Aisha Adan
Theology 1000
Reflective paper
Jesus in Islam
The questions that are raised in theological argument are critical for many people in deciding what they hold truth regarding religion. Questions such as, who is god? What is the image of god? What is the significance of Jesus? We have covered these topics in great depth throughout the semester. As a Muslim student it was difficult to grasp and examine these ideas. As I reflected back on the materials we covered in class, I had to give much thought on what I wanted to do as my final project. I have learned many new things about Christianity throughout this semester. I have grown spiritually throughout the teaching in this class and I somehow feel closer to Jesus. Learning about Jesus from a Christian perspective has empowered my faith and inspired me to realize the importance of Jesus from a Muslim perspective.
As a child, my parents have focused on teaching me about the importance of prophet Mohamed and his teachings. I was taught that prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) speared the true word and that I should follow his teachings of Islam. As a child, Prophet Mohamed became my role model. I learned about his years as an orphan and who he has grown to become. I gained sympathy, respect and love toward the prophet (peace be upon him). Reading the Quran and the different Islamic text I got to unravel and see the prophet’s characters. He possess the best qualities and moral characters. I fell in love with his generosity and, truthfulness and Nobel relationship. Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) is the best example of mankind and wanted to be just like him.
However, as I got older I became exposed to new teaching of Islam. I began to learn about different prophe...

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...y day where all adherents are obligated to go to a group prayer.
Despite these significant similarities, the difference keeps the followers of the two religions apart. My religion considers Jesus to be a great prophet of god and we respect Jesus just like any Abraham, Moses and Muhammad. On the other hand, Christian consider Jesus as the son of god, a notion we Muslims cannot accept. However, I think it’s time for people to overlook the diffrences and embrace the commonalties. Christianity and Islam are two religions that share countless similarities. Some being that they both believe in moral conduct, they both are confrontational religions, and they both believe in an afterlife. Both religions attempt to help an individual become a better “you”.
I choose this topic of Jesus because it forms a connection and an interfaith between Islam and Christianity.
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