Muhammad, Prophet and Statesman

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Throughout the life of Muhammad he had many qualities that enabled him to interrelate with people. He was well known for his trustworthiness and superior qualities that were to later on help him achieve the greatest achievements both as a prophet and a statesman.

One of the biggest achievement of Muhammad as a prophet was the way in which he preached the message of Islam.

Muhammad was given `the literal, uncreated words of God' in which he had to spread them to the people of Mecca.

These words were given to in such a way that they could not be distorted, but he was still contradicted by many people of Mecca. It was evident that adversity would occur.

The first converts were Khadija, his wife, and Ali, his cousin. There was also Abu Bakr, one of the prophets' closest friends.

Among them were other younger sons of important tribes and clans, older members of less important tribes and clans, trading acquaintances and slaves.

Professor Watt says that this may have been because they were not important to the society and had no power or status.

Muhammad became the `vessel of revelation' because he was the one who brought the Qu'ran (script) to the people, and without this Islam would not have been founded.

Muhammad's qualities facilitated him to be successful at the beginning to spread the word of God.

He had the kunya `Al Amin' meaning trustworthy, which would allow the people of Mecca to be aware that he was not making this up helping him convince them that Islam was the monotheistic religion they were waiting for.

Professor Watts states that Muhammad had a `creative imagination' that worked at deep levels making it believable for him to interact with God and preach his message.

Muhammad was not a read...

... middle of paper ... fields that they left permanent and inerasable imprints on all centuries and in the corners of the world. His speech was so effective and incisive that human beings in all times listen to him. He also shows himself as the best of husbands, the most distinguished, yet most compassionate of fathers and the most amiable and trustworthy of friends.

Sir George Bernard Shaw states that

`I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness'

This proves that Muhammad was successful in all aspects of life, both as a prophet and a statesman, and has achieved many things that allowed him to successfully spread the message of God, which has reached Muslims up until today, and has created the second largest religion in the world.

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