Muhammad Saw: The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad SAW

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All praises to Allah SWT because He chooses me to read this special book that relates to the life of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW and his practices. The author is a great person despite his achievements and positions in this world. However, his humble and right intention to write this book made the content easily understood by me and everybody. Honestly, it was a long time I am not crying because of the miss feeling towards our Prophet Muhammad SAW. But then, when I started to read the first chapter of this book about the life of the Prophet SAW, a few tears dropped from my eyes. Muhammad SAW is just an ordinary person but he has extraordinary characteristics that makes everybody loves and cares about him. I started to reflect myself, can I be like him?
He was called Al-Amin because he never tells a lie. At the age of forty, during his seclusion in a cave of mount Hira, Allah SWT appointed him to become His messenger. He heard a voice command him ‘Read’. However, he is ummi. He cannot read and write. At this moment, I started to realize how important reading is. I love to seek for wisdom and I know that Allah never creates or lets something to happen without a reason. I started to question myself, why Allah commands Muhammad to ‘Read’ instead of ‘Pray’ or to ‘submit’ Him? Wallahua’lam, Allah knows better. But, I do believe that reading is the key to success, power and closer to Allah. Then, I remember what Allah said in the Quran verse Az-Zumar ayah 9: Say: “Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?
By reading this book, I also realize that all people including prophets do not have right or power to give hidayah or guidance to other people except for Allah. For example, Abu Talib loves and cares about Muhamm...

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...rybody despite their position or status will receive the punishment if he or she commits a wrongdoing like killing. This indicates that the leader practiced fairness. Then, it makes me think for a while, do all leaders in Muslim states really practiced the Islamic way especially the rules orders that Allah has prescribed in the Quran?
All in all, everything that Prophet Muhammad SAW practiced and applied in his life as a person, as a neighbor, as a husband, as a leader and the most important as a Muslim is the best way to be copied. There are many reasons why I conclude so and one of them is his manners and deeds that are all referring to the Quran. There is one aspect from this book, ‘The eternal message of Muhammad’ that describe and clearer everything in my mind which are the two fundamentals of prophet’s message which are faith (iman) and right-doing (Ihsan).
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