Max Weber's Role And Characteristics Of Muhammad As An Ideal Prophet

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Although an ideal-type is designed to be a purposeful exaggeration, Max Weber 's description of the ideal prophet may not be as exaggerated for certain applications. Muhammed, the Arabian prophet, comes awfully close to embodying all the characteristics described in Weber 's "maximum outline" for defining a prophet (Pals ...). Charisma is perhaps the essential characteristic of any type of social leader, including prophets, rulers, and priests alike. Muhammad undoubtedly exemplified this necessary charisma and the transformative power that allowed him to carry out his divinely-ordained mission and proclaim a life-altering message. His mark on history and role in establishing one of the world 's largest religions both largely qualify him for…show more content…
Weber describes the ideal prophet as someone who directs a religious community, receives pay from being an official, and derives his charisma from his office rather personal magnetism (...). There are two levels of contradiction here in regards to Muhammad 's designation as an ideal prophet. First, since Muhammad assumes the role as political leader of the Islamic state, one could presume that he derives his charisma not simply from his personal magnetism, but from this office as well, like an ideal priest. Furthermore, one could interpret his occupation as a ruler to be a way of getting paid for his labors. Muhammad does not live in poverty as Weber suggested would be the case with an ideal prophet. Likewise, it is not just Muhammad 's "calling that sustains him" ??, but also this additional authoritative position, which allows him to live in prosperity. This extra dimension exemplified by Muhammad 's life warrants consideration into whether Weber 's ideal prophet description, designed to be a most expansive version, may not be expansive enough for the inclusion of the multi-dimensional leadership roles that Muhammad

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