Essay on Moral Development At School Age Children

Essay on Moral Development At School Age Children

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Moral Development in School-age Children

Miona is an eight years old student that has recently moved to this school. She is smart, quiet and well-behaved in her class. She is often shy because of past experience but is well dependent on mom for guidance and support. In Miona 's class today, she is approached by two of her peers, Jenny and Roxy. The two girls are somewhat mischievous. One mid-day during recess, Jenny and Roxy came over to Miona. They wanted to check her out to see what type of person she was. But in actuality, they were looking to see if they could find another person in which they could cheat and deceive. Majority of their friends are afraid of them and tries to stay from around them. These two are often bullies. While they were talking to Miona, two other girls approached them. Immediately, Jenny and Roxy put their arms around Miona 's neck and told the other girls that Miona was their friend and that if anyone bother her, they would answer to them. Miona was quiet but puzzled. She was shocked at the girls for acting the way they were acting but coul...

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