Essay on Money And Power : The Reasons For The American Colonies

Essay on Money And Power : The Reasons For The American Colonies

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Money and power are the main reasons that the American colonies and Britain went to war. Great Britain felt that the people in the colonies were under the laws of the crown, and therefor would be taxed on items shipped to them, and pay for the crown 's protection. The colonies rebelled against the occupation of Boston, the taxes being imposed on them, and the salaries of governors being paid for by the crown to oppress them. The colonists felt that by Britain paying the salaries of the royal governor and court judges in Massachusetts it gave a stronger hold on the colonies, and stripped them further of their liberties. The taxation on goods, had already led to a boycott of British goods, pushing further the belief that the colonies needed to disassociate themselves from Britain, and pushing them towards war.
Britain on the other hand, felt it was only fair to govern their territories as the crown saw fit. This included taxing on any goods that were shipped from Britain to the colonies, and exacting a tax from them for protection also. (Which is no different then how our government works today) Britain understood the need to occupy territory and to have one consolidated empire. The two factions were at a boiling point and the more the colonists resisted the more Britian tightened their hold on the colonies, eventually leading to the justification of war on both sides of the sea.

Jay’s Treaty, The War of 1812, the French Revolution, and the Whiskey Rebellion, were just a few of the tensions during the period of trial and transition. The Jay Treaty was made to settle outstanding issues between America and Britain that had been left unresolved since the American independence. Overall Jay’s Treaty did achieve the primary Americ...

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...ssence scrubbing away their tribal identities as a people. The Indian Intercourse Act ultimately lead to the Indian Removal act, forcing the remaining tribes in the south to move to reservations in the west.
An advantage the Cherokee had in accommodating the U.S. was that it gave them the sense of secure identity and strengthened their tribal government. The disadvantage of this was that it became the cornerstone of their undoing. The tribes growing self-confidence strengthened the whites impatience to acquire their land. Paradoxically, the Shawnee and the Creek’s resistance had the advantage of scaring the white settlers
By mounting armed resistances the Shawnee and the Creek fought against the land hungry invasive whites. They would lead devastating raids through territories to panic and challenge white settlers in an attempt to drive them away from their lands.

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