Chesapeake Colonies Dbq Essay

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The seventeenth century was a time of great change in colonial America. Virginia, the first colony in the Chesapeake region, was established in 1624. Plymouth, the first colony in New England, was established in 1620. These two regions developed in distinct ways, but were intertwined because of their ties to England. The Chesapeake colonies were established for economic reasons, as the Virginia Company of London looked to mass-produce cash crops in the new world. The New England colonies, however, were created to be a religious haven for those who opposed the English church. Both regions developed economic and political systems that catered to the desires of the respective populations and the geographical conditions. The Chesapeake and New England regions were both essential to Triangular Trade, but they contributed in different ways due to their differing economic systems. Also, due to these different economic systems, two types of governments emerged in the regions, both helping to lay out the foundation for …show more content…

In the Chesapeake region, Bacon’s Rebellion of 1676 led to major changes. This rebellion involved indentured servants revolting against the system, which put an end to indentured servitude and nearly annihilated the city of Jamestown. The servants believed their natural rights had been violated, so they rose up in revolution. As landowners began to fear mutinous servants, the plantation system expanded significantly. This relied heavily on the use of slaves from Africa, and greatly sped up the production of cash crops in the region. By 1699, slaves made up 14% of the Virginian population, a number that was increasing rapidly. Also, due to the increases in cash crop production, the Chesapeake colonies were able to become an even more important part of Triangular Trade, as they now traded cash crops for

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