Modern Day Conflict And The Civil War And Coalition Fight Against The Islamic State Of Iraq

Modern Day Conflict And The Civil War And Coalition Fight Against The Islamic State Of Iraq

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As the nature of modern day conflict evolves, the news organization has also been forced to change their practices in order to adequately represent these conflicts to their audiences. “Networked journalism” has played a large role in covering modern day conflicts and its benefits have been instrumental for the work of journalists around the world. While networked journalism has permanently changed the way traditional media outlets operates, it has also created significant challenges for journalism pertaining to the verification of information, the capacity to build networks and adjusting older business models. (Beckett, 2010) For the purposes of this essay, I will use the case study of reporting the crisis in Syria, specifically the civil war and coalition fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), to illustrate the challenges associated with networked journalism.

Networked journalism has been described by Charlie Beckett and Robin Mansell as a form of journalism that may provide a foundation for “public dialogue that enables stories about distant others to be told and better understood.” (Mansell & Beckett, 2008) This emerging form of journalism is coming to age at the same time as new media platforms are flooding the marketplace and the journalist is becoming more of a facilitator of on and offline news production for media institutions. While traditional journalism involves deadlines and top-down reporting, networked journalism is strongly collaborative as journalists and amateurs work together. (Mansell & Beckett, 2008)

The nature of the conflict in Syria has presented significant challenges for journalists. Unlike previous conflicts such as WW1 and WW2, there is no “frontline” where journalists can repo...

... middle of paper ... still racing to overcome the challenges associated with this new reality. These challenges are most often reflected in the reporting of major news events such as the Syrian crisis and media networks must work to overcome problems in verifying information found online, building meaningful relationships with sources and accomplishing the structural change reorganization of their organizations.

Networked journalism has potential to create news with a more global outlook, opportunities for stores about the distant other to be better told and ultimately create a healthier public discourse. While the system will likely never be perfected, there is reason to believe this potential will be met and traditional news organizations should continue to try and overcome the challenges facing networked journalism to ensure further success and progress. (Mansell & Beckett, 2008)

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