Importance Of Social Media

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Is Social Media Helpful or Harmful to our Society?
Social media is impacting our society more than ever before through connecting people who live millions of miles away. It is an assembly of online channels that promote easy communication and interaction, based on certain communities. Many types of social media exist in the technological and modernized world today namely Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Social media is a great source of information for those who know the positive use of it.
Started almost a decade ago, the social media has overcome the internet by storm. It has been enhanced to support and project online optimization, marketing and advertisement; giving a boost to various industries and entrepreneurship. Although social media was created for the sake of entertainment, but the excessive use of it had converted it into a negative entity. In the conventional routine, social media
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Social media has surely proven to be effective for those who want their voices or their ideas to be shared with others. In addition to that it has made people more aware now and every individual is not more beware of the dos and don’ts regarding cultural and social norms.
Regardless of the positivity of social media, the negative aspects are overshadowing the novel society and the old cultures. As per the concerns of Cornell University 's Steven Strogatz, online networking sites can make it more troublesome for us to recognize the significant connections we cultivate in this present reality, and the various easygoing connections framed through online networking. By concentrating such an extensive amount of time and mental vigor on these less significant connections, our most essential associations, are becoming feeble (Laroche, Michel, et
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