"Beyond the Front Lines" by Philip Seib

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Being a veteran journalist focusing on politics and social issues in the print and television arena, Philip Seib, authored Beyond the Front Lines. He wrote several other books including Headline Diplomacy: How News Coverage Affects Foreign Policy, and The Moral Journalist: Covering the Post-Cold War World. His accolades consist of multiple awards recognizing his newspaper columns and television reporting skills worldwide. Although Seib is a Princeton University and Southern Methodist University graduate, he is now a journalism professor at Marquette University and his curriculum explores international news coverage, media ethics, and new technologies that impact print and television journalist.

In Beyond the Front Lines, Seib used journalist’s chronicles capturing their experiences during the 2003 Iraq War to examine issues and changes they encountered while reporting on the war. For example, throughout the book Seib described how technology (i.e. the Internet, satellite equipment, etc.) changed the way journalists reported information and how viewers received information. F...

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