The Mindset Of Success By Carol S. Dweck Essay

The Mindset Of Success By Carol S. Dweck Essay

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The Mindset to Success
It was not until I read Carol S. Dweck’s “Brainology” that I realized I had a fixed mindset. I care more about getting a 4.0 than actually understanding what I am being taught and I also hate struggling. These habits are part of having a fixed mindset. It was after reading this article that I discovered I could change my mindset and be successful. Having a fixed mindset means that you believe that you and others only have a certain amount of intelligence. A growth mindset on the other hand, is believing that everyone has the ability to reach a higher level of intelligence through effort and hardwork.
Psychologist, Carol S. Dweck in her well researched essay, “Brainology” analyzes how praise impacts mindset and how a growth mindset leads to greater success. She supports this claim by comparing the two different mindsets and how praise can affect them. She then proceeds to show praise leads to a fixed mindset harming a person by changing their views on effort. Finally, she argues that praise changes how and what people value, which can lead to failure if the proper things are not valued. Dweck’s purpose is to inform parents on the damage praising does to their children’s mindset in order to get parents to praise their children the right way. She adapts a serious tone for parents who praise their kids on their intelligence instead of their effort. I agree with Dweck’s argument that a growth mindset can help people become successful by changing the way they see themselves, their behaviors, and their values.
A person’s mindset changes the way they see themselves. Someone with a fixed mindset thrives on praise which affects how they see themselves. When a student is praised on their intelligence they only care ...

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...that knowledge when they are faced with a new problem. If they would forget everything they learned and never use any of their past knowledge they would not be able to move on when faced with a new situation.
The differences between the two mindsets lead to two separate paths. I agree that once you change to a growth mindset you can be more successful. Changing your mindset leads to acquiring great habits that allow you to make better decisions. It also changes how you look at yourself along with you values. This leads to caring about the important things such as learning rather than worrying about the grade you get and not how others see you. When you reach a growth mindset your behaviors are different too. It changes the way you study and how you react to setbacks. All these changes can be made and show that it is possible to gain a growth mindset and find success.

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