Analysis Of Carol Gladwell's Mind-Sets And Equitable Education

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Paper 1: Argument about text
Each and every person has their own thoughts and opinions throughout life, no matter how alike or different two individuals can be. In this generation, anyone can speak freely and debate as they please. Two very important individuals Carol Dweck whom is a professor of psychology at Stanford University, and Malcolm Gladwell whom is a Canadian journalist and speaker created two inciting pieces. “Mind-Sets and Equitable Education” by Dweck, and “The Matthew Effect” by Gladwell, are very similar as well as different pieces of writing. Dweck and Gladwell’s arguments appear different’ in reality due to education and sports, mindsets, and achieving success. Throughout life, anyone will realize that there is and will always be an age, gender, and ethnicity stereotype during different stages in your
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During Dweck’s research, her study shows that there are two different beliefs in mind-set (self theory): fixed mind-set and growth mind-set. Dweck states that a fixed mind-set is “static trait” in other words gifted, where as growth mind-set is intelligence that could be developed throughout the years. When a student is in grade school, it is truly difficult if a teacher does not believe in her students. After designing workshops for both teachers and students, it taught the students how to use their brain in many different ways. To find the answers Dweck followed seventh graders in New York, where she monitored the grades of the students to see whether they would improve or not. In the “Mind-Sets and Equitable Education,” it states that the growth mind-set children believe in themselves, whereas fixed mind-set try to look smart and make perfection. “The Matthew Effect” plays a huge role in the growth and fixed mind-set, by the Canadian athletes having to push themselves to get a higher level and excel creating