Essay on Microsoft And Its Impact On The Environment

Essay on Microsoft And Its Impact On The Environment

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• Microsoft perhaps could develop programs targeting uplifting society that is in need of basic human rights such as education, safety and environment protection. This benefits the society in long run to develop professionals to create more technological innovations.
• Microsoft could extend their current show room concept to customer and communities with a possible incorporation of a division for instance to take up Corporate Social Responsibility issues.
• Make any law enforcement request open and engage 3rd party NGO to make sure a rigorous review followed and privacy is respected. Microsoft has been a leader in generating standards, but it is necessary to collaborate with other big corporations to make a single standard that is viable and adopted by all parties to defect the social enemy.
With the new goals such as environmental sustainability, ethical, business conduct, and serving community, once again, Microsoft is innovating to improve daily lives of global communities. Microsoft Corporation is committed to the efficient use of energy in the data center that has a positive impact to the environment. Microsoft leadership is committed to being lean and green energy for day-to-day operations is good for its business as well to the global environment.
Local environmental impacts
Microsoft with its local affiliates creates a solid foundation and establishes long lasting relations, which makes its reputation stronger. Microsoft, by adding and doing what matters to customers and the environment, it has not only increased bottom line, but also extended its brand visibility. Value added is one of the best ways to develop a relationship with stakeholder and employees. Corporate Social Responsibility is the intangibl...

... middle of paper ... ideas.
Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility campaign will help attract existing or new customers who may be more loyal because of shared values and beliefs.
The objectives of the campaign are operating environment responsibly and community services that empower youths to seize the opportunity and contribute to the economy.
• Saving the planet means cut wastage, use less of all the available resource, nurtures and replenishes the energy sources and use environmental friendly resources for long-term benefits. Promote renewable energy such as wind and solar that is abundant. Recycling that promotes conserving natural resources and using recycled materials as substitutes.
• Help community with an opportunity to educate, employ and contribute to the economy using Free YouthSpark programs. This program will bring young people around the world close to

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