Bill Gates Inovator And Philanthropist Essay

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Bill Gates: Inovator and Philanthropist

Tia Caton
Humanities 1/2
1 April 2014

After having helped found what would be the world’s most popular and largest software company in 1975, Bill Gates officially found himself to be the richest man alive at the ripe, young age of only thirty-one. Gates had never imagined that the thirteen year old boy who loved to program computers in his parent’s garage would one day find himself to be considered the world’s wealthiest man alive, having a total net worth of $76 billion. Having began on his own, tinkering with computers and computer software, Gates later created the seed of Microsoft, or what was originally called Traf-O-Data in the summer of 1972. (Fast Facts) It wasn’t until two years later, with the help of his co-founder, Paul Allen that Microsoft was born, transforming the technological world in ways that the people had never seen. The birth of Microsoft changed the ways of old computers, making way for faster newer and more innovative technology, along with bringing on a strong competition with their rival company, Apple Inc. With this grand cooperation, Bill Gates was also accumulating a large mass of money, gradually finding himself to top the charts of the Forbes World Billionaires List. (Fast Facts) Despite being well known for his contributions to Microsoft, Bill Gates’ most profound impact on the American culture was in medical and educational advances provided by The Gates foundation, paralleled by his philanthropic views and aid in the lives of the both poor and wealthy.
Being his life’s most world renowned accomplishment, Microsoft was the beginning factor in Bill Gate’s cultural impact, paving the way for greater technological advances an...

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...trategy addresses the areas in which they believe the foundation is best positioned, among a broad spectrum of partners, to help reduce the burden of malaria. They support R&D for more effective treatments, diagnostics, mosquito-control measures, and a safe and effective malaria vaccine. They also support the development of strategies to make progress toward malaria elimination. To date, they have committed nearly $2 billion in malaria grants. They have also committed more than $1.4 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which supports the expanded use of proven prevention and treatment tools for malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis. Beyond their own direct investments in the fight against malaria, they also advocate for sustained and increased funding of malaria control and elimination efforts by donor governments and endemic countries.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that bill gates was the world's richest man at the age of thirty-one. he created the seed of microsoft with the help of his co-founder, paul allen.
  • Explains that microsoft was bill gate's cultural impact, paving the way for greater technological advances and a faster more efficient computer system.
  • Explains that microsoft's windows enabled people to use their computers more effectively and efficiently, speeding up their work process and their daily lives.
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