Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Introduction Business Ethics are much more than the buzz word stories on late night news. The Corporate Social Responsibility of a company goes well beyond that. “Business Ethics are moral guidelines for the conduct of business based on notions of what is right, wrong and fair.” (Bellow, 2012). Individual backgrounds play a huge role in person by person code of conduct can vary from employee to employer. To help solve some grey areas in what is ethically correct, companies now make a code of conduct that is over everyone in the company. This code of responsibility helps employees have better understanding of what is required of each and every one of them. “Corporate Social Responsibility is a business philosophy which stresses the need for…show more content…
Both of these areas are the lifeblood of the company, and any benefit to them should not be overlooked. Before a company can become proficient at corporate social responsibility, they must first know its definition. Corporate social responsibility is defined as actions that can be taken by a company to ensure they are adhering to ethical and social responsibilities of the day. These corporate social actions are self-regulatory, as a company strives to adhere to guidelines while also going above and beyond being a Good Samaritan in the business world (ECA, 2015). This can place certain businesses at the forefront in customers mind because of the example they are setting in the marketplace. A company going above and beyond the call of duty to work towards a more philanthropic approach in the surrounding community is a perfect example for corporate social responsibility. Going deeper into the definition, corporate social responsibility acts like a “double bottom line” for a company, as they strive to achieve financial goals, but also achieve their social mission out in the community. Once a company is aware of what the concept of corporate social responsibility is, they can now implement it and start to reap the many benefits of its
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