Microsoft Corporation Essay

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Microsoft Corporation
Ashley Elizabeth Clifton
Strayer University
Business Administration Capstone
Professor Zapalski
April 16, 2014

Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft is one of the leading software companies in the world and it controls substantial shares of computer operating systems. A part from operating systems, Microsoft supplies the world with other products, such as the video game console Xbox, Office Software, digital music players, server storage software, CRM applications, and Zune. In the modern world, Microsoft has embraced the idea of globalization while it has exploited current technology to increase its global competitiveness. Therefore, this paper examines how globalization and technology have influenced Microsoft Company. Moreover, the paper applies industrial organization model and resource based model to assess if Microsoft could earn high returns. Finally, the paper does an assessment of the vision and mission statements and concludes how the stakeholders influence the success of Microsoft.
According to Microsoft, globalization is a term, whereby they ensure an application produced is not internally dependent on a specific culture. In other words, a globalized application precisely process, accepts, and displays international assortment of data formats, scripts, and languages (Arthur, 2012). It is crucial to clarify that globalization enhances the integration and interdependence of foreign and domestic markets; therefore, with globalization, there are new market opportunities and business efficiencies. By embracing globalization, Microsoft communicates effectively and efficiently with their partners, customers, and distributors. In this way, Microsoft sells their products to foreign markets with ease and...

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...he management. Microsoft management oversees the company’s goals and adjusts the mission and vision to ensure the realization of set objectives and goals. In fact, Microsoft Company’s management had done a lot in terms of formulation of domestic and international strategies to enhance profitability (Weiss, 2008).
To conclude, Microsoft Company recognizes that external stakeholders are important in its success and long-term sustainability. Therefore, Microsoft’s mission and vision recognizes both customers and the society in its business. Customers determine success or failure of a company, therefore, Microsoft has engaged in the manufacture of products that meet customers’ needs, both locally and internationally. It is vital to work hand in hand with the government, creditors, shareholders, and suppliers to ensure sustainability and long-term benefits (Weiss, 2008).
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