Essay on Microscopes- Why is it Relevant?

Essay on Microscopes- Why is it Relevant?

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Why is it relevant?
Microscopes are used to see things that are too small for the naked eye to see. It is essential for scientists in discovering new diseases and seeing tiny details on things like bacteria and the living tissue. In everyday life, microscopes is used for learning in schools and in medical research. Microscopes are relevant in all fields of science and many major discoveries have been made. Living cells, circulating blood, an understanding of nerves, different materials and their qualities and bacteria and diseases were all discovered by microscopes. For example Robert Koch in 1905 discovered that bacteria caused cholera and tuberculosis. Still today microscopes are being used to help our understanding of the world we live in and how our bodies work.

How does it work?
A simple light microscope works by using two convex lenses at either end of a tube. The first lens, the object lens, is spherical and has a very short focal length. The other lens, called the eyepiece, has a larger focal length. When an object is put on a platform under the object lens, the image of it is enlarged. This image acts as an object for the eyepiece which is enlarged again. This virtual image then is formed in the retina of your eye. A light is shined up from beneath the platform illuminating the object. In electron microscopes, rather than a light bulb, beams of electrons are shone through. This can magnify an object up to a million times its original size. Light microscopes can only magnify up to 200nm (a wave length of light) as predicted by Ernst Abe. Electron microscopes can magnify 1000 times this. On microscopes, there is a course focus and a fine focus to make adjust so that the image is clear and bright. Unlike tele...

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