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These are two of the most important inventions known to mankind, one has helped map out the human body, discovered cures by isolating cells that cause them, the other has helped map out the universe. By the descriptions above these invaluable tools are known as the microscope and the telescope. Many medical and technological advances would not be possible without these two inventions. There are many discoveries that could be presented today, but instead this presentation will present a couple of these for each invention and how they challenged traditions and changed society for the good.
The invention of the microscope, more than any other invention, has helped us unlock the secrets of nature. The human eye can only see about to the thickness of a hair, but with the microscope, the whole world of microbiology and microorganisms became available. Knowledge replaced fantasy and humans arose from the dark ages to the age of discovery. The world of the microscope led to countless discoveries, and without the microscope the human race would still be relying on the limited amount of information their eyes could gather.
The continual improvement of the simple microscope throughout the 16th century led to great advances in biology and medicine, along with other fields of science. The toy invented for rich people to play with developed into an instrument responsible for the curing of many deadly diseases. The first results presented to the scientific community were those of the circulating blood system, which revolutionized the scientific and public view of how the human body functioned. The microscope led to the discovery of the cell, considered life’s building block, the bacteria that causes deadly diseases, as well as many other charact...

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...not have been considered for many years to come. Galileo’s method to openly publish his results and openly challenge the ruling power has been termed the beginning of the Scientific Revolution.
The telescope and the microscope both made of glass, amplified to see the heavens and the smallest micro-organism has led civilization out of the dark ages and allowed mankind to understand the human body, diseases, the solar system, and many other important discoveries. The importance of each of these incredible instruments cannot be explained in mere words. This paper has only touched the tip of the contributions made to mankind by brave men who using their instruments, advancing astronomy and medicine to unbelievable levels. As Victor Hugo, in Book 3 Chap. 3 of Les Miserables states, "Where the telescope ends, the microscope begins. Which of the two has the grander view?”
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