The Invention of the Telescope

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The microscope which is invented and developed by much different scientist overtime is one of the most important tools a scientist especially in the biology and chemistry study can use. It made an impact in how we view life and learn more about the nature of diseases that had plague mankind for years. The microscope is mainly a tool biologist use but it has many uses for those studying chemistry. Life before the microscope may not seem as different as life with the microscope. But if you look at the bigger picture the microscope made an impact to the way humanity lives like other technology such as the printing press, and guns. The microscope at first was only use for scientist curiosity of what is beyond the sight of the human naked eye. But eventually scientists discover cells, bacteria, and molecules. Those discoveries made an impact on science and how we view science today. So without the microscope modern science would end up being completely different. Also in labs in the hospitals doctors use blood samples and urine to look through the microscope and help treat and sometimes even cure diseases. Even in law enforcement labs forensic scientist and other people working in the field use the microscope to examine things to help bring justice in the world. Imagine if humanity had modern day microscopes back during the tragic bubonic plague imagine how many lives could be saved or at least have more of a solution against the deadly disease then they had back then. Life may not have change the instant the microscope was invented but it helped bring us to where we are at now. The microscope is made up of many parts. The ocular lenses which you use to look through, body tube which is the tube you look through using t... ... middle of paper ... ...can make more of a major impact on the way we live or a major impact on science. Unless we could use it to see things smaller than what we could see today the microscope has about hit its limit. The uses of microscope and hospital labs can help cure diseases like cancer. But I think the microscope have made enough of an impact on the future. It will be used whenever the cure of cancer is made. It will be used when diseases like diabetes and HIV are cured. It will be used at least 5 times for every major criminal case in the future. See the microscope is a pretty important part of the way we lived. It helped and even revolution both the biology and chemistry field of science in many ways. It helped the way we live too. Like help examine things such as urine or blood too sees if the person has any viruses. The microscope is an important tool in science.
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