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The Revolution That Shook the World
The French Revolution was the event that changed much of the way Europe was governed. The French rebellion pitted the poor against the ruling rich and monarchs and though the path was not straight, it did eventually lead to equality for France and much of Europe. The French Revolution occurred over a period of ten years (1789 – 1799), and appeared to be a failure because of its brutality. However, as the years passed, the feudal life that existed for most of France's population died and the monarchy of France (and eventually those throughout Europe) ended.
Although the American Revolution may have been an inspiration to the people of France, it was the French mutiny that inspired the end of the monarchies throughout Europe. The American Revolution cannot compare to the French Revolution, since it wasn't fought on the soil of the ruling English monarchs and didn't rise to the level of brutality that existed in France. The French revolutionaries had to endure the brutality during the Revolution, continue fighting during the Reign of Terror and eventually over-throw the self-appointed Emperor Napoleon.
During the ten years of the French Revolution, various factions rose against the ruling monarch. The poor created their uprising over the lack of food and basic life necessities. Additionally, the nobles and clergy protested over land rights and taxes. Another element that distinguishes the French Revolution was that many of the French nobles became disgruntled with the events in France and left to become mercenaries assisting others throughout Europe to over-throw the ruling monarchs in other countries.
The storming of the Bastille in July of 1789, led to a series of events t...

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...tter human rights in France. Additionally, due to the Napoleonic Wars, the revolution redefined the borders of Europe.

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