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Media Is A Strong Force Essay

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Media is a strong force in our society today that can create pretty much anything. Weather if it is good or bad they all seem to get introduced to us. One thing that is certain is the media influences us and creates negative thoughts. For instance, the way how people look or how they are supposed to look. If you are a male with muscles and so on the media would view you as the perfect male. While if you are a female you must be skinny blonde and have white characteristics. So, if the media proposes this then what does the media must say about obese people?
A film was introduced to us named “Fattitude”, in this film is explains what media and society think about everyone who is obese. There is a scene in the film in which there is a mom who seems to be a little over weight and is explaining how some of the most famous cartoon movies for kids create an image that people who are big are monsters. The mom then explains that she doesn’t want her children viewing these cartoons because she does not want some cartoon to make them view her as a monster. In addition, there is also a scene in the movie where it states “it is rare to see a fat body positively portrayed in the media” and this is completely true. In an article found by the AMA Journal of Ethics they conducted a survey in which about more than half of the respondents believed that people who are overweight are awkward and unattractive.
Considering this, the media creates an image that people who are obese are viewed as monsters and unattractive. I personally think that is wrong and the media needs to change that. Everyone should be happy for the body they have and should not take into consideration what others must say or even think.

We all have many facial characteristic...

... middle of paper ... and exposes us on such devastating beliefs and ideas in what society has become today. As a society, today we believe we have passed all the discrimination and negative comments, but that is false. Pozner creates a connection between discrimination and how television shows demonstrate these problems. Shows Pozner claims to help demonstrate the underlying problem are shows like The Bachelor, American Idol, and The Swan.
It is important in our world today to allow everyone the free equal opportunity they deserve. Discrimination has become a huge problem we see all the time in the news people getting shot, getting kidnapped or even plain and simple discriminated. Although there are many movements occurring to put an end to this progress seems to be moving a little if any. For a change to occur we need to all come together and put an end to all this discrimination.

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