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Media And Its Impact On Society Essays

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Today media is part of our daily life, we have been gaining vast amount of information, news, fashion, lifestyle and many more through media. One can argue that media is just a normal everyday thing that we go through and doesn’t have any impact on us, besides information we consume. But looking deeper into the core of media it has influenced us in every aspects regarding how we think, look our self and view the world. It has a huge contribution to human development and our social life style. When it comes to gender knowledge, we learn about who we are through media and from our surrounding environment that is our family and friends who as well is part of the same society influenced similarly. In United States, media has contributed huge when it comes to gender awareness. On the other side of the same world where I lived, media has different purpose and feminism specially isn’t promoted. Merging these two different sides, a better prospect can be acquired the way media and culture has impacted our society in contrast to gender.
When we argue about our knowledge of gender, the first thing that influenced us is media. In society, we recognize a man as bulky, muscular and a tough person who is capable of doing physical work effectively. This model of man when displayed in a magazine and featured all over social sites and television easily impacts the viewers. To fulfill the desire boys dedicate themself on gym, which is very positive side to it but on the other side steroids and protein supplement companies make profit from it. Many teenagers, athlete and body builders use steroid and gym supplements, as any drug steroid abuse on body leads to several side effects such as heart attack, develop breast, infertile and many more. As of...

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...o disable her car to keep her at home. He is condescending assuming he knows what is best for her in every situation (Siering 440)”. Edward can be portrayed as a typical model of male in the society there, who believes female are very fragile, weak and needs protection. Best example would be my own sister who was strictly prohibited not to stay out any late then 8 p.m. whereas it wouldn’t matter what time I would return home late night. I wouldn’t blame individuals as it’s a principles built by a society and fed to children since very small ages, about their role in the society as they grow up. And the society is influenced by the media saying, young girls might be victim of rape, kidnapping and sexual harassment. In United States instead of promoting fear, lots of precaution facilities are promoted, like carrying a paper spray, or dialing 911 for emergency response.

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