Social Media and its impact on Society

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Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms have become one of the central activities in human affairs. Used by people around the world promoting communication, social media gives scope to everyone to exhibit their ideas and thoughts. The plethora of social platforms is a revolutionary invention that is changing the way of how people moderate and communicate with others in their daily lives. Although many people admire this revolutionary concept, it can be argued that it has a negative impact on society. Extensive usage of social media can cause addiction, affecting productivity, and also reduce the level of human interaction, which in turn leads to isolation. Social media is correlated to many of the issues that revolve feminism and mental illness through anthropology, sociology and psychology.

Social media was created with the purpose of aiding the general population to communicate with one another. these platforms have other uses as well, but mainly for communication. However, given handheld and other communication devices that are always connected to the internet, it is becoming increasingly rare for people to make human interactions such as meeting up with people face-to-face. In some cases loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and heightened aggression are possible repercussions of spending copious amount of time on the internet. Using social media gives people, more specifically adolescents, exposure to bullying and harassment. According to a study in UK, social platforms such as Facebook is giving cause to anxiety and increased feeling of inadequacy. In this study, half the respondents stated that social media had changed their behaviour, felt less confident in contrast to their online friends’ achieveme...

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... the moment. A text becomes more heartfelt than a call or face-to-face interaction. This social change is caused by the materialization of innovation in the society, which in other words is the diffusion of innovations. The greater population of adolescents have easy access to these social media platforms and the number grows exponentially. Social media platforms are revolutionary; it has impacted society on many different levels.

Through anthropology, sociology and psychology the root causes of mental illness and feminism has been correlated to social media and the impact it has on society. Social media is a dominant platform that is used around the world with many side affects. The harm that is done through social media is in contrast to the positive outtakes, but with more importance to the repercussions due to the consequences that come with social media.