Essay On The Impact Of Social Media On Society

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Media: The Effects Social Media Have on Society Have you every taken the time out to compare how life was before there was a such thing as social media? Before social media, newspapers and magazines were used to get the latest news. Today online magazines and newspapers are used instead .Encyclopedias and books were used to gather factual information for research and projects. However, Wikipedia has turned into the new encyclopedia and e-books are used rather than checking one out from the library. Before, in order to send mail to a distant friend or family member, one would have to go to the local post office and mail the letter off. Today, it is much easier for one to just send a quick email, facetime, or simply send a quick text on Facebook. In earlier years, playing usually means linking up with the neighborhood kids and actually playing outside. However, today playing consist of sitting infront of the television playing some type of video game and or scrolling down the phone screen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media is a growing problem that causes society to think less on their own, influence their way of communicating and writing, and hinder children's school performances. There is no doubt that media influences the way the society as a whole thinks. Media can adversely affect the thinking capability of individuals and instill negative or destructive thinking patterns in the society as a whole. Media has the power to form and alter opinions. Media glorifies violence and contains graphic descriptions or images. When viewed by the vulnerable portion of the society, i.e., the children, it can have grave effects on their upcoming and thinking patterns (Effects of Media in Our Society). With the ever so evolvin... ... middle of paper ... ...r surroundings. For example, in the old days, if you were shy, you might sit to the side of the crowd and smile politely, hoping someone would include you. These days, those with social timidity will bury their noses in their mobile (Sherman, Aliza). Social media gives them a way to escape and find a way to entertain themselves. However, some would argue that social media helps and enhance the writing and speaking skills of society. According to Karan Chopra, Facebook encourages proper grammer and blogging has shaperned our grammer rather than eroded it. He also claims that oversharing on social media sites can longate a conversation with a friend compared to what the conversation would have been like if their was no use of social media (Chopra, Karan). Although this may be true, we can not overlook the effects social media has on the way we communicate and write.
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