Social Media Negative Impact On Society

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Some people think that Social media has a negative impact on society. For me It’s a way to connect with people and also know about their surroundings. It helps me connect with my friends back in my country Pakistan, and also helps me to share some thoughts about my life. We motivate each other through Whatsapp. I see what they are doing and they see what I am doing. Sometimes they share posts about people personality like how the people think today, and what they want to do in their regular life. Most of the Teenager do Snapchat to just tell others what they are doing now. Some people share funny videos and when I watch them I feel joy. Social media is a very powerful source to connect with people and get to know each other. It helps me know about my surroundings and also helps to know myself with a new perspective. Some people have negative thoughts about social media because they think that It’s just a waste of time. In the article, “ To Be Where I Am” by “ Wendy Lustbader ”. She quoted that “ The reason I don’t carry a cell phone or web connected…show more content…
For example, If I go to the library I could find a book about Malaysian culture and about their politics, but it will tell me the good things about their politics and won’t go through the explanation. The easiest way to know about them is just to speak with someone from Malaysia. One time I was online on Facebook and somebody called me from Malaysia. He was a man who was from my neighborhood city in Pakistan. He was living in Malaysia for 12 years. When I asked him about the politics of Malaysia, he told me that it’s very dangerous for them to live there. The government is not helping them. A lot of crimes are going in the other states as well. Social media helped me to know about another country’s situation and also how people live in other countries. I have a lot of friends from other countries and they always chat with me on
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