Mcdonald 's And Starbucks : Business Of Selling An Experience Essay

Mcdonald 's And Starbucks : Business Of Selling An Experience Essay

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McDonald’s and Starbucks are in the business of selling an experience. The marketing sections/divisions for both companies have tapped into the human psychy and provided customers with a glimpse of things they didn’t even know they needed. When one walks into McDonald’s they are instantly transported back to a happier time when they were children eating happy meals after soccer practice, while Starbucks creates such a comfortable yet sophisticated ambiance customers leave with a sense of motivation. This is the magic of marketing. This is why, even if you don’t like McDonald’s, you are still secretly waiting for the 100 Billionth person to be served. Provide the customer with an experience and they woln’t even know why they are coming back. So, how did McDonald’s and Starbucks master the art of the experience?
Since McDonald’s early beginnings, the corportation has been striving to provide fast quality food and service at a convienient price. The companies success coupled with its leaderships’ dedication and motivation have taken it from a domestic drive through dinner in San Berndino, California to the largest global fast food chain chain in the world, serving 52 million people in more than 100 countries. (The Marketing Genius 2008) How did McDonald’s do it? The known founder Ray Kroc required dedication to quality, service, cleanliness (QSC), and a commitment to treating all customers with respect. (Light, L. &Kiddon, J. 2009) This mantra established McDonald’s but it didn’t turn it into the global powerhouse that it is today, marketing did that. Marketing has played an integral role in changing the face of McDonald’s to meet the demand of the customer since the beginning and its been hiding in plain sight Some othe...

... middle of paper ... Starbucks benefitted from the missteps by McDonalds that you will read about in your research?
Both companies strayed from their core values of good quality and excellent service. There were numerous mistakes made by both McDonalds and Starbucks and many of them were similar. Both companies made global expansions that lead to a number of issuses. These issues highlighted the difficulty with going global that many companies experience. An additional misstep that was similar for both companies was the social media fiasco. Despite McDonalds’ missteps with using social media to reaffirm their image, Starbucks made the same mistake. Despite both of their mistakes, “McDonald 's and Starbucks have become stronger competitors of each other and many of the independent coffee shops and small chains have gone or are going by the wayside.” (Golde, M. 2009)


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