The Success of the McDonald’s Franchise

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Not having to answer to a corporate boss is the dream of many and the flexibility that owning a business franchise creates provides this option. Success is not reached by simply creating a business, however. The level of success is measured by the size and efficiency of the business. Business growth is the driving force of the economy. The additional jobs and revenues created when a business expands allow the economy to grow at exponential rates. One of the fastest and most popular ways to increase the size of a business is to turn it into a franchise, which can then be purchased by individuals. Franchising provides opportunities that are beneficial to both the parent company and the purchaser. The company that owns the business can expand without having to pay such a large initial cost to open a new store since the franchise purchaser pays a cost to open the business. As well, the company can regulate many of the business activities so that there is a sense of consistency throughout all of the locations. The purchaser is allowed to use the trademarks and goods of the franchise which already have a large market presence. As well, they are provided with training and work standards by the company to help their business run smoothly (Kalnins & Lafontaine, 2004, p.761). Looking at the business model of the world’s largest food retailer, McDonald’s, provides great insight into franchising and business growth in general as well a better understanding of a global business that utilizes the franchising technique.

McDonald’s Franchising Basics

Understanding the basic agreements and variable in the franchising process of a McDonald’s restaurant helps to shed light onto how the company has become such a global power in the food ser...

... middle of paper ... business growth potential of the franchising system employed by McDonald’s. There maybe no greater signal to the success of a system than having an individual be a multiple owner.


McDonald’s has proven over time that the business practices they utilize work well and have led them to obtaining the title of the largest food retailer in the world. The founder of the company made a tactical decision in franchising the idea of providing fast food at a cheap price. Today, fast food has become a staple of not only American life but a viable food option all over the world. For McDonald’s a critical factor in them reaching the level of growth they currently experience has been franchising. It can be assured that McDonald’s will continue to grow through the usage of the franchising techniques as new food markets continue to develop all over the world.

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