The Master Of Social Work Essay

The Master Of Social Work Essay

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Personal/Professional goals
Initially, I became interested in the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at Walden University subsequently becoming acquainted with a Walden representative, after having the privilege of being chosen by Georgia State University’s (GSU) faculty to attend The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in Denver Colorado 2015. My interest increased after researching the program’s curriculum for the “Advanced Clinical Practice” which instructs in developing therapeutic skills. In addition, because I am soon to graduate from GSU spring 2016 with a Bachelors of Social Work (BSW), my eligibility to partake in Advanced Standing is greater than before; Walden provides this option. More importantly, Walden University is CSWE accredited. After receiving my degree, I would like to advance my career in the role of a mental health provider for the purpose of providing services that will improve the client’s psychological, physical and social functioning, with a commitment of conceiving a private practice once licensed and acquire additional expertise in the field.
I was influenced to become a social worker as it awards me to the opportunity to offer theoretically based methods, coupled with hope, resources, alternatives, and much more to the underserved. Right away I understood in order to be affective in the practice, I needed to become proficient in my craft. To further explain, particularly as a clergy affiliate, countless opportunities to deliver counseling to those in need of an advocate, resources, hopefulness, and behavioral modification, is my reality; this list is not exhaustive. Often issues were multiple, however my craft was singular. It was vital to operate from a position of strength in order to safeg...

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What interest me about Walden is it came highly recommended by Georgia State University’s faculty members in addition to its’ alumni. Moreover, I was intrigued with its outcomes which will in-turn prepare me for legal and ethical standards, advocacy, and evidence-based research to name a few. Lastly, I was captivated by the university’s longevity of forty-five years preparing students in the helping profession, again, in addition to Being CSWE accredited.

I especially chose online courses to accommodate my work schedule as I am a non-traditional student. I am very familiar and experienced with taking online courses. Although challenging, I have been very successful in my attempts over the years. I am very disciplined and focused with the ability to complete various tasks given. Because of this, I am ready to embark upon the world of online at Walden University.

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