Social Work Vs Social Work

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Deciding Between School social work and Community social work

Social work practice has become a vital part of our society. They are found in almost every aspect of our community as well as our schools. Social workers are problem solvers that help people deal with daily issues that may become problems that affect them. As our society becomes more challenging, social workers help bridge the gaps for people who face extraordinary challenges in their lives. The social worker’s scope of practice may contain helping at risk or overwhelmed individuals find resources, develop new coping strategies, resolve problems and conflicts, and secure opportunities to improve their quality of life. (Flynn, 2013) Although the scope of practice is basically the same, there are various types of social workers with various levels of education. It doesn’t matter if you are a medical, clinical, school, military, psychiatric or community social worker, the goal is
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Both are impactful on different scales. The community social workers often deal with a large scale of people and occasionally have to deal with people on an individual basis. The school social worker is just the opposite. They deal primarily with individuals while occasionally addressing community issues as it crosses with educational goals. Both positions are an integral part of the community.
According to the Department of Labor Statisics, There are requirements on becoming a Social Worker. A bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) is the most common for entry level work. (Statistics, 2015) Some employers will hire people with a degree in a related field such as psychology or sociology. This is usually the case with the community social worker. Most states have require most social workers to be licensed. A Master’s degree can be required depending on the
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