Marriage And Infidelity In The Odessey

Marriage And Infidelity In The Odessey

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In this paper I am writing about marriage and infidelity in modern life and the books we have read in class. Marriage is a mutual bond in which a man and a woman decide to be with each other until they die. Infidelity is basically when the man or woman in a relationship cheat on the other person, without them knowing.
The Odyssey by Homer is a very good example of fidelity and infidelity. The odyssey is a tail of love, courage, and hope. It focuses on "a man of twists and turns." Odysseus is a man whom gets lost at sea because of Poseidon, the god of the sea, he tries to get back to his wife and son in Ithaca. But he is put through so much trouble to get there.
In real life we don't really hear gods talking to us in the ocean telling us that we have angered them. We have husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, to tell us that we have gotten on their nerves or just done something completely wrong! Relationship now and days aren't the same as they used to be.
Before, when people used to like someone, it was for their personality. Now we just look at people for the way they look, dress, talk, and for what they have. Things have changed so much over the years, from good to worst. Now if u talk to any random person in the streets and ask them "Have you been married and divorced before?" and many of them would say "yes." I asked this one lady "How long were you married for?" she said "11 years." So I asked her why she had gotten a divorce, she had told me it was because her husband had cheated on her with a twenty- six year old. She had started wondering a few months before she found out about "the other woman" why he wasn't showing her the same affection he had shown her for many years in the past? She would ask him how he was, and how his day went at work and instead of having a full on conversation he would just reply "it was okay" or "nothing big happened, just the same old same old."
They tried counseling because one of their friends had recommended it. They tried it but he still acted the same way. It came to a point where she thought she was doing something wrong.

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She felt as if she wasn't doing enough to please him. So she went to counseling on her own. She told the psychologist what was going wrong in their marriage. She had explained to her how she felt she wasn't doing enough for him.
Marriage counseling stopped after a month. He had told her it was pointless for them to go to counseling anymore because their relationship was "just fine."
Her psychologist had told her that maybe her husband wasn't in love with her any more. All she could think about was "Why? Why me? I promised him I would love him forever, but in return I have to suspect he's cheating on me?! What went wrong?" her psychologist recommended that she talked to her husband and ask him if he was cheating on her and if so to ask him why, or what went wrong in their relationship.
The next day, I interviewed the lady again. I asked her to compare her situation with Penelope's and Odysseus's problem. I had given her my point of view on how I thought that Odysseus should have told Penelope what he was doing while he was at sea. I thought he should have told her how he slept with all these other women while she was being faithful to him. Even thought she still teased the suitors, but as far as I know she didn't sleep with any.
The lady agreed with me. She told me that if she were Penelope she would have wanted to know also, because he got to spy on her and see if she was faithful or not. But if Penelope would have found out about the other women I don't think she would have gotten back with Odysseus.
The lady continued to tell me her story. She told me how this continued on for a while. She didn't want to believe that her husband was being unfaithful to her. But now not only was her husband coming home late from work, he was also going on "business trips."
She explained to me how when he would leave on these "business trips" how he used to call her and let her know if he was okay and made it safely, but now he wouldn't even call her to tell her if he made it alive or not.
So then she started asking his co-workers if they knew anything about what was going on. One of his closest friends at work "Allen" told her that when he would be in his office, sometimes he would walk in and "John" would be talking very strangely on the phone, when he was supposedly talking about "very important business" with a client.
I stopped "Jane" at this point and asked her if she was okay telling me the rest of her story? She told me she was okay and that she really didn't mind.
So she continued telling me how "Allen" was telling her what was going on at work. He had told her that the office supervisor made frequent visits to his office. But he told her that they had never done anything in the office, or else "John" would have told him so.
He told her that he and other co-workers at the office suspected something between "John" and the supervisor. At this point she told me that she didn't know what to believe. She didn't know what to do; she tried leaving the house before he got home from his trip. But then she thought that why should she leave if she wasn't the one cheating.
I asked her how this part of her story had to do with "The Odyssey?" It was funny how she told she had "no idea!" So then I asked her "what if The Odyssey were to be based upon life today? In other words what if it were modernized?" she said "Hmm, I've never thought about that. I guess Penelope would have been going through the same problem I went through."
So "Jane" told me how it all ended. She told me that she eventually confronted him and kicked him out, staying with their little girl whom was 10 years old at the time and the house.
It's sort of like how Penelope stayed with Telemachus, while Odysseus went off to the war, and cheated on her with all these goddesses.
The story I just told you is based on a true story. Real names were not used due to the fact that I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to use them. But I was given approval to use quotes from our interview.
Another topic that I wanted to write about was the father son relationship between Odysseus and Telemachus. Telemachus doesn't really get to grow up with a real father figure, even though he had his grandfather, Laertes as a role model. But sometimes that's just not enough. There are just something's that an older man can't do that a younger man like Odysseus can do. Telemachus wasn't very out spoken, mainly because he was raised around women and was sheltered from activities that Odysseus might have wanted him to do instead.
Another very strange father son relationship is the one of Poseidon and his son Polyphemus. Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon and Thoosa. In avengence of Odysseus blinding his son Polyphemus, Odysseus is cursed by Poseidon to be lost at sea for eternity. Poseidon being the god of the sea, it is very hard to imagine that he would have such a worthless son. Polyphemus wasn't a bragging right for "the god of the sea" he was more of a "yeah he's my son, unfortunately" but no matter how stupid his son was, Poseidon wasn't going to let anyone bully him around.
One of my favorite topics of The Odyssey is the guidance of Athena, "the goddess of wisdom, purposeful in battle, and womanly arts." Athena is like a guide for Odysseus in the beginning of his journey. Just like she guides Odysseus, she also guides his son Telemachus. The first scene or sign of her guidance to Odysseus is when they are on the ship on their way back home to Ithaca, and everyone on the ship is celebrating their victory against the Trojan's.
She gave him advice about the men on his ship, on how some of them would betray him. He didn't listen to her when she said that. But she was right, because his men did betray him. They opened the bag of wind that the god Aeolus gave Odysseus to make it home to Ithaca. But as soon as they opened it Odysseus woke up from his nap and saw what had happened. He saw Ithaca, but never reached it because of the betrayal of his men.
Athena also disguised herself as one of Laertes friends Mentor, and tells Telemachus to go to Sparta, after he had been told that supposedly his father was dead. In search of answers of his father's health state, he reaches Sparta, and once again he is told that his father is dead.
Athena helps him buy teaching him about courage and strength, she shows him how to stand up for himself.
That's why before he left Ithaca to go to Sparta and Pylos he arranged a meeting with the elders and the suitors about how the suitors were trashing his fathers palace. No one listened to him so then he was about to give up when Laertes friend Mentor (Athena in disguise) stood up for him and helped Telemachus get a boat and crew to set sail in search of his father.
She also stands up for Odysseus and Telemachus to the councils of "the gods on mount Olympus." It is said that Athena had "a thing" for Odysseus. That's why she was always so protective of him, and seeing him succeed and proving the gods that didn't believe in him wrong.
She wasn't as fond of Telemachus as she was of Odysseus. But she did help Telemachus "make a name for himself." So that he could gain more self esteem living in the shadows of his father.
Many of the topics I wrote about in my essay are also found in Hesiods The Theogony. Family affairs, parent and child bonding (even if it's good bonding or bad), marriage and infidelity, are some of the few topics found in these classic books. They also show a way of life that we as modern day humans ask ourselves "how was that possible?"
These stories or epics are full of twists and turns, that in a way keep you interested and wanting to know what happens next in the story.
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