The Immorality of Adultery

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The Immorality of Adultery Sex is believed, by some, to be a universal language, one that is free

of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes; a language that can be

“spoken” and understood by two complete strangers who may have nothing

in common. When two individuals engage in an act of sexual

intercourse, they begin to experience a profuse amount of euphoric

feelings. In today’s modern western society, these feelings are

clearly understood as the release of endorphins and enkephalins into

the brain, generating immense pleasure. However, most people would

claim that sexual intercourse is more than the release of chemicals

into the brain; sexual intercourse is a much more complex series of

behaviours and emotions. Philosophically speaking, sex is a very

broad subject, with many complex faucets of discussion. One of the

important topics involving sexual intercourse is that of adultery.

Adultery, in the oxford dictionary, is defined as: “Voluntary sexual

intercourse between a married person and a partner other than the

lawful spouse.” (Oxford English Dictionary, pg.32). Now, given the

first few points about the pleasures of sexual intercourse, is it

morally just, to limit or prohibit the partners with which an

individual may engage in sexual intercourse?

According to Wasserstrom and his article Is Adultery Immoral, it is

acceptable to place restrictions upon an individual and the number of

sexual pa...

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...the paramount point, was in essence lacking the success that

his first two arguments benefited from. Yet, I think he managed to

portray his ideas in the first two arguments quite convincingly. He

tackled a very tough and complex issue and still managed to convince

me of his point. Although, I still believe that adultery as an

immoral issue will vary based on the society in which the question is

posed. For example, in some eastern countries adultery is accepted in

the form of concubines and temple prostitutes. There are no promises

of exclusivity and there are no deceptions that take place. But, in

essence, I believe that adultery is immoral, but not as broadly as we

would expect it to be. So, adultery as a moral or immoral issue is

really a varying issue from individual to individual and from society

to society.
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